Thank you so much Ali. You really have helped Hannah and us as a family understand what has been going on in Hannah’s tummy for the last couple of years. Hannah is starting to feel more confident with food again, it is small steps but certainly going in the right direction. 

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I was referred to Ali after being diagnosed with EoE. I found her to be professional, knowledgeable and sympathetic to my situation. Happy to report that after 6 weeks the symptoms are all but gone and my diet has left me lighter, healthier and happier! An excellent Dietitian and would recommend her to anyone!!!

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Other reviewers have said it and they are right – life-changing. Quite simply, you could not be in more skilled or compassionate hands. I went through a challenging and scary time of being diagnosed with IBD and relapsing every time I tried to come off my medication. Ali helped me with a nutritional approach to getting my condition into remission.

Throughout, she provided exceptional support, reassurance and practical advice.

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Ali Todd has helped to transform my life. For years I had problems with food and digestion – endless visits to hospitals for investigations and always the same answer: nervous stomach – nothing found. Also told no ‘allergies’ to anything.

At last with Ali and her guidance on the Fodmap Diet I am beginning to feel that I am controlling my food rather than it controlling me!

I could not recommend her highly enough!

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I can honestly say Ali Todd has changed my life! Her expert guidance helped identify my intolerance, and within 3-4 weeks, symptoms that I have had for my entire life were completely gone. Cannot thank her enough. Super patient, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with outside of office hours.

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Spelt Sourdough

Hi Ali,
Thanks so much, the advice you have given me has really helped me and improved my symptoms! My gut has been so much happier and I have learnt a lot during this process. I even successfully made a 100% wholemeal spelt sourdough loaf whilst being in lockdown (photo attached)! Will tackle reintroducing the remaining fructans and already am feeling a lot more confident about knowing what food I can tolerate.

Take care and stay safe,

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You always impress me with your wide range of knowledge.  It’s reassuring.

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Thank you very much Ali for the wonderful catch-up session, giving me great tips and reassuring me on many levels.

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